Marble and Porcelain

Marble and Porcelain Tile Design Milwaukee, WI

Looking for custom design tile installation in the Milwaukee area? Here at Jerry’s Tile, we can help you furnish any residential or commercial area of your choosing. In your home, we can renovate your living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and more. Tile installation that we can customize for you are showers, flooring, heat mats, grout painting, repairs, and more. In your business or other commercial buildings, we can construct custom flooring catered for you. Jerry’s Tile is committed to bringing you a fresh look that adds beauty and comfort to your home at an affordable price in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and surrounding cities.

Marble Tiles 

Different tile installations work for different people. That is why here at Jerry’s Tile, we offer four different custom tile installation options. Marble is a modern and popular choice amongst customers because it looks aesthetically pleasing in both residential and commercial floors, countertops, walls, and bathrooms.

Marble is a custom tile design choice that dates back to construction during Ancient Greek times. It is a reliable tile surface because it is strong and durable. Upon installation of these high-quality tiles, it will last for many years as well as uphold its appearance. Marble tile is also a hypoallergenic choice as it does not collect and absorb dust or pollen like other surfaces. It will stay refreshingly cool in the summer to help maintain a clean look. 

Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain tiles are another well-liked custom tile choice amongst consumers. Porcelain tile is baked from clay to form the most stable, permanent flooring finish. Porcelain tiles are installed with a cut edge and thinner grout that allows for less dirt to become trapped so the surface will remain clean. Porcelain tiles add style to your room to make this construction a worthwhile investment.

These photos display custom tile work showing marble and porcelain tiles. To see more, click on the gallery at the top of the page. 

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