Granite and Ceramic


Custom Tile Design 

Jerry’s Tile Design in Milwaukee is a well-known installation company in Wisconsin. We work hard to make sure that every residential and commercial tile installation has beauty in the details. We want you to put your trust in us with your tile installation project. Our experienced experts will work with you to produce the vision that you see for your tile installation. We have four different tile installation options for you to choose for your project and when you do, your property will be in good hands. 

Granite Tiles 

One of the four options for your tile installation project is granite tile which is a material formed from igneous rock. Choosing granite tile will save money over choosing slabs of granite for countertops. Both look visually appealing, so when it comes to granite tile installation specifically, we space tiles closely to minimize grout staining. We can use tinted grout to achieve a more seamless look as well. Granite tile has versatility in design, allowing you to choose dark, white, or neutral tones for your project. 

Ceramic Tiles

Another option for your tile installation project is ceramic tile. This is a tile made from clay and water. It is affordable and can be cut and catered to your preference. Ceramic tile is easy to cut, making the installation process simple. It is water-resistant and there are also lots of design choices ranging from different color options and sizes as well as wood-looking type planks. The glazed finish on ceramic tiles are also stain-free for a fresh, clean-looking finish and ensures that the tile is non-porous. Ceramic tile is also great with heat resistance, putting it in high demand for countertops in kitchens and restaurants. 

If you want detail-oriented experts to help you with your tile installation project, give Jerry’s Tile in Milwaukee a call today.