Is Marble Tile Good For My Home?

Should I Get Marble Tile?

Marble tile is one of the most common tile types thought of when purchasing tile flooring for your new home. It’s no surprise either because it has a lot of benefits when compared to other tile flooring options. While popular, marble tiles are not in the top three most popular tile types. This should not discourage you from buying them however, as they still offer benefits over other types of tile if you love the look.

Pros of Marble Tile

The Look

Marble tiles are known for their distinct, natural shine and regal feeling. Nothing can really compete with it either in the way of looks. There are alternatives such as imitation marble tile, but it truly cannot give the same sheen that true marble will.


Marble is an extremely durable material and can be used in any situation such as kitchen tile and shower tile. Marble is one of the strongest natural materials you can pick for your residential tile. It is also resistant to shattering and is extremely insulating, staying cool during hot months.

Cons of Marble Tile


Marble tile is extremely unique, durable and all natural. One of the main cons is that compared to some of the other options available, it’s a little pricier. This isn’t to say that marble tile is unaffordable, because it’s really not. Many people have the viewpoint that marble is only for those willing to pay astronomical prices. This is simply not the case and anyone who wants marble tile, can find a plan for themselves.


Installing marble tile is time-consuming and requires a professional. Here at Jerry’s Tile, we ensure that the best practices are used to install your tile flooring. We have done tons of marble flooring jobs and know what it takes to get the job done right.

For any questions about marble tile or tile installation, call Jerry’s Tiles today!